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CAUTION regarding "":

This sounded like a great possibility for me. But I received some security warnings, and have to forget it for now.

Foxpro, or perhaps some add-on I have, puts up a very clear warning about the software on the website. "Reported unwanted software page"

I opened up a sandbox program, which allows an additional level of protection when browsing the web. I went to download the software, thinking to throw a couple of virus checkers at it. But the download was blocked with a warning that the download file contained malware or a virus. I let it go at that.

The webpage the url points to comes up cleanly. The text on the page reads extremely legitimate. I'm familiar with the programming language which adds to my initial trust of the content, and the tone of the text also seems quite legitimate. But websites get hacked all the time, and it's very possible the programmer/owner of the site is unaware of possible problems. I look forward to giving it another try sometime soon. And I thank the contributors to this thread and the rest of the forum.

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