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Default Great furniture software

Hey everyone. I was a graphic designer for 11 years before I gave up my desk job. Got my contractors license and have been building and remodeling homes for the last 10 years. Having been trained on a Apple Macintosh I was always looking for software to design and build furniture. As I an getting older I will be putting down my beams and posts and enjoy designing and building furniture. In my new shop.
Ok I digress if you want a great 3d software program for building furniture you should check out SketchList 3D. It is very easy to learn. No x,y,or z tangents to deal with. Just left, right, front and back. I was designing a big built in for a client. The software was running slower and slower. Sent the file to owner. In a few weeks there was a software update. My project loaded in Seconds.

Just a personal plug. Do not work at or for this company

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