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In my experience, 8" will make a difference if you work with 5x5' baltic birch. That is besides the PBB or EZ 1 or bench of your own design. (or are in a non USA country where plywood is often other sizes then 4x8')

The old square was called the EZ square, and you will find posts referring to it from people who still have that "legacy" (to use a computer term) product. The miter square is the current square. In the future with Dino trying to make an inexpensive starter type system, he may offer either a version of the EZ square (none mitering) or the connectors separately for someone to cut their own out of wood. If all you need it for is 90 degrees, and your on a job then this or a carpenters square attached to the guide (edge against the bare metal on one side) can do.

Smart table. I recommend it.
When I first bought my system in 04, the place I bought the system from didn't carry or recommend the table. (yet they supplied a DVD showing how to build it with the system) For the first bit, I used the typical panel cutting table like:

One day I needed it elsewhere and my truck had been hit by an uninsured motorist and was down. I ordered the table and haven't looked back (it is MUCH lighter and more portable). My only downfall with it has been I did order another one after getting stuck in rain, with it in the back of the truck. When it started delaminating, I couldn't get it apart. I am tempted to build one out of MDO, if it is going to be exposed to the weather. (my second one was built on a plastic folding table)

I don't have the ripsizer yet (on order), so I can't recommend one way or the other. I have used the system in ways I am happy to have the long rails (made my own exterior grade mouldings with 8' material and full rails were nice for that with saw and previous SRK). I think Burt now recommends it (not sure and can't speak for him), but the big trick might help if you list projects to use the system for. This also kinda answers the Extra track as what I did was route two sides of a 2x, then use the guide to trim them off. (longer rail for 8' routing way before the PBB or EZ1)

I also concur that the Smart clamping upgrade and a small rail are good. But a lot of what the Smart clamping upgrade or system is good for, the PBB, or EZ 1 is good for. Again a list of projects could help you here as well as are you working in a shop, or outside one day, jobsite another, etc.

As you have read, I have done more construction type uses with this system, then I figured I would. It isn't just for cabinetmaking.
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