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Archiver 08-21-2009 07:27 AM

Complete - PBB/ Panel Crosscutter - Michael Schwartz
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Here it is, the latest incarnation of the eureka-zone parts I bought a few years ago.

I built this bench to fill the role of a sliding table saw in my shop, since I simply do not have room for one. I will admit it is of limited use by design for ripping, but I primarily use my table-saw (Sawstop) for that.

The top has two fence systems, an Accusquare fence parallel to the bridge, which I cut down in length, and a squaring fence made out of a piece of fir.

The squaring fence is designed to be repositioned for less cut depth for general cutting (so I don't have to reach as far), or moved to the back if I am cutting large panels.

The bridge is intentionally close to the end for use with the SRK for routing dado's, and other joinery. A roller stand can be used to support the cutoff.

An auxiliary fence straddling the accusquare fence can be made for use close to the bridge, or as an extension so the fence reaches the entire depth of the table.

The saw I am using is the hilti 267-E with a fesstool vacuum cleaner for dust extraction.

Instead of the Accusquare fence, if I were to build this bench again I would mount an SME on the front and make a sliding t fence. The Accusquare fence was an idea I had out of laziness to not design something better.

Archiver 08-21-2009 07:29 AM

Dino Makropoulos
Nice setup Michael.
I like the axillary fence that brings the panel closer.
The travel of the saw now is kept at min.
This is a big back and time saver.

We use ez rails (upside down) and special connectors as a movable fence.
For a fence square we use the ez square with only one connector.
Similar results and your creation is the best use of what you have in your hands combined with what you have in your head.;)

This is a super simple, safe and easy setup for your needs.
Bravo again.:cool:

Archiver 08-21-2009 07:32 AM

Burt Waddell

Very nice setup. I've been using a movable squaring fence for sometime on one of my benches and find that it is very helpful. I didn't like walking back and forth between the fence and the handle on the bridge.

My bench is designed to function more like Dino's latest bench. Instead of using just SME across the bench, I also used some regular EZ rails across the bench. One track holds the squaring fence and the other track holds the stop.


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